AIR Card® Outage Notification Feb 22, 2024
What is occurring: Microsoft Windows OS updates
When is it occurring: Sunday 10 March 2024 from 0500 CT to 0700 CT
What is affected: AIR Card® EAS – Merchant Ticket Copy Download

Estimated Window of Maintenance: 2 Hours

Expected maintenance is estimated to take 2 hours with reboots being performed as needed. The download of documents stored in Filebound will be inaccessible from within AIR Card®. Please be advised that the update will only impact the Merchant Ticket Copy Download.

AIR Card® Outage Notification - Routine Maintenance RHEL7 server Jan 31, 2024
What is occurring: Updating RHEL7 server with Regular Maintenance
When is it occurring:Sunday 25 February 2024 from 0500 CT to 0700 CT
What is affected:AIR Card® - File Transfer Only

Estimated time of outage window: 2 Hours with intermittent outage of 10-15 min.

A regular update to the RHEL7 server is being completed. Please be advised that the update will only impact the file transfer.
All screens and functionality in AIR Card® EAS will be available. The outage will commence after the normal file transfer of Card data to DLA.
AIR Card® Authorized Fuel and Ground Service Products Dec 09, 2023
Below is a link to the current Authorized Product and Service List.
Purchasing Aviation Fuel with the DLA Energy AIR Card® Jun 03, 2020
Cardholders shall purchase fuel from the following resources and in the following order:
1) DoD Installations;
2) DLA Energy Into-plane Contract locations;
and only when necessary at non-contract locations.

Please submit questions, concerns or new requirements to